My Experience at Portfolio Review 2024

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I want to take you through my recent experience at Miami Ad School—an event that wasn’t just about reviewing portfolios, but about giving back and nurturing the next generation of advertising talent. As Chief Creative Officer at C Plus 8 Design it was privilege to participate and being part of this event.

Embracing Mentorship: My Experience at Miami Ad School

First off, imagine a room buzzing with creative energy, filled with eager students ready to showcase their work. The event, organized by The One Club for Creativity Miami, offered me the chance to sit down one-on-one with these students and provide feedback on their portfolios. It was a dynamic exchange, spanning over two hours, where I got to dive deep into their projects, share insights, and offer guidance.

I must say, the invitation from The One Club was an honor, and I want to extend my gratitude to them for this opportunity. It’s through such platforms that we can actively engage with the next wave of talent, shaping and nurturing their skills as they embark on their professional journeys.

As I sat across from each student, reviewing their work, I couldn’t help but see myself reflected in their aspirations and uncertainties. It took me back to my own early days, grappling with questions about my path in advertising. That’s when I realized the significance of mentorship—the impact it had on my own growth and development.

So, being in that room, surrounded by bright minds eager to learn, was more than just a trip down memory lane—it was a chance to pay it forward. I shared not just feedback on their portfolios, but insights gained from my years of experience. I encouraged them to pursue their dreams relentlessly, just as my mentors had done for me.

One student was asking me what was best, to work at an agency or work for yourself. I advise her that is great to gain industry experience, understand processes and so on and then build your own thing. It has been 14 years for me working for my myself and have been able to create a lifestyle I love while being a present dad and husband. The first year working for myself was incredibly challenging, but exactly one year later I made the same income I was making as an employee at an agency. That did it for me I told her. It is hard to explain what I felt on that moment but basically all fear of being on my own was completely gone. The years ahead were wide open to keep building with a remote structure in mind. Remote clients and remote team of providers to deliver.

As I left Miami Ad School that day, I felt a sense of fulfillment hoping that I had played a tiny part in shaping the future of advertising. And as I continue on my own journey, I’ll carry with me the belief that mentorship isn’t just a responsibility—it’s a privilege.

So here’s to The One Club for Creativity Miami, to Miami Ad School, and to all the he students who shared their work with me —may you always find mentors who inspire, challenge, and uplift you on your path to greatness.

Con toda! Carlos Collazos

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